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DR-01 Streamline



As a far-sighted customer, you are preparing to purchase one of the 88 Streamlines.
As watchmaking enthusiasts, we want to offer you the unique opportunity to access a piece crafted by an self-employed.

We have opted for the subscription system with a preferential rate for the DR-01 Streamline: € 8,500 (or $ 9850, or chf 9850)

Subscribers will have two payment options:

* The subscription alone will represent 40% of the total (3,400€, 3,940 usd or chf ). The balance should be paid before delivery, during the the last trimester of 2019.
* Cash transactions will be eligible for an additional 10%, for a total of € 7,650, or usd/chf 8,865.
* If you introduce another person, you will have a further reduction of 10% (sponsorship validated only after receipt of payment from the sponsored party).

We want you to know that we attach decisive importance to customer satisfaction. Our team consists of talented individuals in their respective fields, and we all share the value that every customer is king.
Along with a faultless customer service, we provide whatever it takes to guarantee your satisfaction.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 10 cm