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Launching of the production

Launching of the production

by David Rutten, 2 March 2020

Dear friends, enlightened subscribers,

Cover image : The bridges of the 35 Streamlines was milled and handfinished this past week.


Your financial and media contributions have enabled us to launch the first batch of production of the Streamline. Here are the main things you should know:

1) The subscription :

  • The production of the first 35 Streamline has started.
  • Delivery will take place before Baselworld 2020.
  • The price in Euros was pegged to the Swiss Franc. New price is €9200, or $9999, and remains CHF9850. This will not affect those who already paid in euros, even partly. The price originally agreed stays the same.

2) Product modifications

  • As announced during the launch of the subscription, the indexes will evolve into straw yellow, brighter than the original gold used on the prototypes.
  • The bridges will be beveled by hand, and the Côtes de Genève will be softened.
  • The Muonionalusta will be covered by a transparent DLC in order to ensure maximum protection from impact.

3) Other

  • The prototypes can be seen in :
  • We created the David Rutten Meteorite Watches company in Switzerland.


Thank you very much for your contributions and support, you’re making Rutten rocket takeoff to deep space happen.

Yours truly,

David & Malik.


First slices of meteorite :